Me in plaid

I forgot that I was supposed to post this first before “D’ Sumatra” So this is my last post with long hair for real. Hahahaha.
My dear friend Vonny one more time did a great event but this time was for couples, not only for women like the one in “Brain Beauty Behavior”

The speaker, Ps. Jeffrey Rachmat from Jakarta talked about how important it is to make a get-away routines with our spouse. We have to separate between family holiday and our dating times as couples. That’s so true considering we’re often absorbed by our hectic schedules with our business or our kids. Even worse, I found some of them let their kids sleeping in the same room with the parents which obviously influence the romanticism between husband and wife.
So, let’s keep our romance with our spouse to keep it in harmony. It’s always better to give than to receive. That’s my personal motto in any kind of relationship. If we practice that, I’ m sure we’re gonna better person, more humble, more lovable and happier in our relationship. God bless you all.

One more thing, you can ask me anything if you have questions, I’ll be happy to share my experiences in relationship and trying my best to help and pray for you. My email is:



Warren and me were wearing our own collections. Vonny was wearing her Biyan white chiffon dress. She looks so radiant, doesn’t she?

I was wearing my very very comfortable high-heeled booties from ASOS.


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