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The arcades @ Melbourne

Australia’s our choice for holiday this time. Warren and I chose this country because the cities are very friendly for the handycap people including all the facilities. Warren wanted to take her sister who sits on the wheelchair for overseas holiday. Also, we always want cold places to get away from the Indonesan heat. So before I we went to Melbourne and Sidney, I saw some pictures about the famous arcades in Melbourne in the city, Royal Arcade and Block Arcade where they have beautiful ceilings and decorations. So we purposely went there just to take pictures. They have nice cafes that we regretted so much we didn’t have the chance to sit and had delicious food In one of them :(





This time I wore my old old Benetton sweater that I haven’t wore it for years. I found it in my closet and I still like it. This time I brought my grey Prada bag that I was gonna get it clean in Color Wash when I transitted in Singapore for two nights. The bag was so dirty, later I’m gonna post it when I get the bag back so you can see the difference. This place’s awesome. They did great in re- coloring my Balenciaga bag. Now, I have to wait for someone to pick it up in Singaore.
Warren’s wearing lots of fake adrea fur this trip. She’ s just so crazy about fur. This trip, she chose her Iindy Hermes bag. She said it’s very handy because it has handles and shoulder straps.
Boots are our only footwear during winter season since they’re also give us more length for our legs. Hahahahahha.

My favourite drink in Australia

Forgive me for taking so loooong to blog again. First, I got so busy before the Hari Raya long holiday. I had to finish lots of dresses before I left. Second, it was not easy to find a free wi-fi during my trip and if I had to pay, it was a bit costly. Not to mention the the Australian dollar currency’s so expensive in Rupiahs. So those were the reasons for me of being away from writng this blog :)

When I reach places during holiday, I always go to supermarkets or deli or convinience stores just to see their varieties of drinks. So. I found this Ice Break milk coffee which I love because it’s good, rich and there was a sugar free option. I made sure I drank a bottle every day during my trip. I wish they have it in Surabaya but the don’t :(


Me and Sequin in a wedding

Once again, I was invited to a beautiful wedding at Shangrilla hotel in Surabaya. It was Vero and Eko’s wedding. Vero’s Sally’s best friend. Vero brought her mom, her sisters and her mother in law had their party dresses done in Nancy and Warren couture. But, Vero’s wedding dress’s designed by Tex Xaverio in Jakarta.

Me and Sally

I’m wearing a very simple v-shape back dress with all black and dark gold sequin material, so I combine dark gold and black accessories.


Vero and Sally

Sally and the sisters. The sisters are all wearing our designs.

Vero’s mom and Sally

Vero’mom in law and me.