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Brain Beauty Behavior II

This women event, Brain Beauty and Behavior is the second one. The first one last year was very successful and their building was so packed of people, so El Gibbor Ministries had to do it in the bigger place at Grand Ocean restaurant.

There were three speakers, one is Kitty Hamilton from USA who talked about how women should be in God’s eyes. The second one is Sandra Angelia, Miss Indonesia 2008 talked about how to be yourself and must take care of our beauty as women. The third one is Jill Lowe from Singapore who talked ow women should carry themselves.

Me and my friends at the photo booth.

Booths to rent out are available. So the guests can do a little bit of shopping there.

Kitty Hamilton and the translator.

Sandra Angelia, Miss Indonesia 2008.

Jill Lowe and Vonny (translator). Vonny is one of the founder of El Gibbor Ministry. She is also the wife of the owner of Oxcy Radio which I mentioned before in my previous post.

Me, Sandra’s mom (Ms.Hanna), Sandra and Warren ( business partner).

Sandra, Sally Gunawan, Lidya Thendeano and Poppy.

Vonny, Chen-Chen (Dotty Boutique) and me.

Me and Linda.

San-San ( San-San Lifestyle Boutique) She’s in a branded bag business.

The invitation of Brain Beauty Behavior.

My daily Nuskin regimen

People ask me all the time what product I use for skin care. Maybe it’s because I have fair skin as a Chinese Indonesian. The women here use products or go to dermatology for brighten their skin. So they wonder what I use for my skin. I’ ve been using Nuskin since 2004. I love this product. The good thing about Nuskin is the longer you use it, you get better results. And the company says they use safe ingredients for our skin. Only when I went to Korea last December, I was tempted to try Korean product since Korean people have very nice skin. I will post some reviews sometimes later, but now I want to share my Nuskin product first.

Nuskin 180 Skin Mist is actually a toner. What I like about this product is it contains Mushroom extract (Fomes officinalis) helps visibly diminish the appearance of pores. I didn’t happen instantly of course, but I noticed along the way my pores are better.

I have a fair skin with freckles. My type of skin is very easy to get dry. This product is perfect for my skin during daylight.

Tri Phasic White day milk lotion contains:

UVA and UVB sunscreens (SPF 15)—help absorb and reflect the high-energy rays that initiate skin-damaging free radical chain reactions. Because UV rays are one of the most common causes of skin discoloration, it is important to intercept them before they damage the skin and trigger the activation of discoloration.

InHexapeptide-2—works to minimize the activation of the skin discoloration process.

As I get older I have these expression lines on my forehead. Sigh….. So I have to start using product to plump out my fine lines. This Tru Face Line Corrector help me do the work. Indeed, it doesn’t have the ability like botox. But if you afraid of needle, this thing is good enough for you :)

This last for a long time. I use a little amount but it covers the the lines between my eyebrows and my smile lines.

The Benefits according to the company are:

Minimizes the appearance of dermal creases around the mouth and forehead.

Reduces the appearance of moderate to deep lines and wrinkles.

Smoothes the appearance of crow’s feet.

Jan Marini:

Every month when I’m not lazy I would do my monthly bio laser to get rid of the freckles and to even out my skin tone. But since my skin is very sensitive to the sun, it can easily go back to its original condition. So I use this face lotion to delay my skin turns back to an un-even skin tone, Jan Marini Enlighten Plus.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced non-hydroquinone formulation delivers rapid improvement with long-term control
  • Proven through independent clinical studies to significantly reduce the appearance of sun damage, sunspots and hyperpigmentation
  • Multiple individually proven key technologies focus on individual aspects of discoloration for maximum improvement
  • The only product with concentrated retinol, antioxidants and multiple skin-lightening technologies for maximum improvement with significant anti-aging benefits

Those pictures above are from the website so you can see the obvious results from before to after.