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Family Outdoor Pics ( by Bali TATI Photo Studio)

We really thank Christien and Titien (photographer and choreographer of Bali TATI Photo) for doing the beautiful family pictures on us. They are the second generation of TATI Photo which has been in the business for quite a long time. What a lucky man is their daddy having daughters like them:) Well, I ‘ve actually blogged a little bit about this last year, but those were taken by our own camera and was more about me and the restaurant.
These are the two sisters: Christien and Titien.
Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali and Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant
Photographer: Bali Tati Photo Studio

Morning Rehearsal (OXCY RADIO Launching)

Nancy & Warren Couture were invited to sponsor a fashion show in the launching of Oxcy Radio 107.5 FM. The owner’s wife, Vonny is  one of our customers. When she offered us this opportunity, we only had approximately one month to prepare.  So, these are pictures during the rehearsal with the models in the morning.

As usual, Warren showed up with her madam look wearing a printed chiffon dress from our own collection from Nancy & Warren. She’s always be the ” Madam”, I’m always be the casual one as you can see in my previous post. 
Bag: Hermes
I on the other hand chose to be more comfortable and casual by wearing my Mango jeans, little bolero by Ozoc (old, but I  still love it) and my beloved clog by Charles & David.

My Dream Bag

FINALLY….., I got what I’ve been dreaming for handbags. I recognized this Miss Sicily bag from Andi Toress’s blog (Style Scrapbook) I fell in love. But I hadn’t had the the chance to go overseas. So I waited for a while. Indeed, I searched for handbags like crazy but I still love this one the most.

What catches my eyes was the gold hardware for the straps. It has two different loops, one for handle strap and one for shoulder strap.
Also the new version of this bag has a bag zipped pocket that you can put your ipad in. 
I’m very picky in choosing my bag. My rule to buy bag is not only fashionable and pretty but it has to have a functional purpose and comfortable to me:)
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana, Jacket: H&M;, Scarf: Massimo Dutti.


Lately, I’ ve been wearing my silver hardware accessories more often after I made this silver studs bracelet. I got these studs in my store (Monte House) and I found the leather in my storage made it into a strip. Not bad,huh……. Since I haven’t found the right studded bracelet when I shopped around. So these are the accessories I wear oftenly lately.

Studded bracelet: Nancy Warren Couture
Ring & Silver chain: A store in Hong Kong

Eugenia 9th Birthday Party

It was one late afternoon when I and my kids were invited to Eugenia 9th birthday party. She’s my friend’s daughter

Eugenia was born girlie and loves to dress up. I forgot to take picture of the shoes she was wearing. It was 10 cm wedges. It’s amazing for such a little girl wearing such high heel. Co cute…. :)
I love the birthday decoration. It’s so girlie and elegant. My friendly and funny fellow, Steve did it. He’s the expert doing this kind of things. Great job, Steve!
These are fake puppy shaped plants. So cute and adorable.

Location: D Sumatra (Surabaya); Decoration: Steve Decor

Black vs White

As usual, Warren and I are always wearing things the opposite. We have the same taste. But, What looks good on her don’t look good on me. And what looks good on me don’t look good on her. If you don’t think so, try to imagine if we change clothes. Now you see that, right:)

This time we are attending our beloved customers, Aunt Fanny and her daughter, Tammy. They are our loyal customer since Tammy got married few years ago. This time, Tammy’s brother’s getting married. Sadly, we didn’t have the chance to take picture with Aunt Fanny but gladly made it with Tammy.

All dresses: Nancy Warren Couture.