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My hairdresser & make artist

This is the engagement party of Evy’s daughter,Marina. I’m wearing a one shoulder lace blouse and a velvet long skirt from Nancy Warren Couture.

Evy Soenardi is my hairdresser since 1996. She’s the only one who knows exactly how to work with my hair and even I don’t have a haircut for the next eight to nine months. The layer still look nice, yet easy to manage.
She’s always energetic & full of passion. Long time ago before I was a believer, she always gave me her testimonies how awesome and miraculous is Jesus until she introduced me to Charles. ( I mentioned this in my older post about Charles and how I became a believer) Long story short, she was one of the people who brought me to a serious journey with Jesus.

This picture below is Angela my make up artist and her daughter, Nissi. She’s also Evy’s niece by law. At the end of this post I have a little story about her.

This is Greta, Evy’s nephew’s wife. She’s also one my customer. I designed her wedding dress few years ago. Now, she has two daughters. Wow! time goes so fast.

Sequins materials now is very popular in the market. I’ so happy I got this material, then I quickly design a clutch out of it. It’s simple but I put more detail attached to the zipper’s head. For now, this is my favorite clutch.

I knew Angela a while ago. Not long after I became a believer. We repented from the same church, and still the same until now. She and her husband, Nico are like my own siblings. Her uncle, whose Evy’s brother in law took Angela to our church. At that time, Angela was still having doubt about Jesus. So one day, the glory of God was upon all the people in our church, some of the people have gold dust on their palm and some of them have oil dripping out of their palm. So when the preacher asked the people who had oil dripping out of their palms to come forward and pray for the sick people. Angela checked on her palm and she found out that her hand is full of oil. So, the preacher took her hand to lay hand to some people and those people were all fell in the Spirit. She was shocked but from that moment she understand that Jesus is real and full of glory. Also, She met Nico in our church, got married and have three wonderful kids. Next time I will tell you story about Nico.

My Journey for the Last Few Months

Last July, God spoke to me to arrange big events for women and children. For the kids, He wants the kids to acknowledge that prayer and having intimate relationship with Him are important. For the women, He wants them to be aware that they can change the world through their faith and prayer. They have to understand that they are special creatures and not only regular housewives who do regular house works. They can produce kids who have the fear of the Lord and to be the next generation who bring blessings to the nation. Wives should also be helper to their husbands and not burden which is the other way around. A wise woman can create heaven for the husband and harmony in the family. When a family lives in harmony, automatically there’s more capacity for this family to do more positives things outside the house. The business is better. Their relationships with others are better. They can bless the others because they are blessed.

I was a little shocked and worried because I have never done it before. In the same time, my company has to invest lots of money for the new building. The one we use right now is only for rent. If God asked me while I don’t have to invest in anything, I wouldn’t be worried at all. But, doing big event like this need quite a lot of money plus I have to invite almost 200 ladies from outside the city of Surabaya. It means we had to provide all the transports, hotels, and food for two nights because lots of them are simple and humble people. Even some of them almost never went outside their cities/ villages.

In the beginning, I cried almost everyday in the morning because I worried if I didn’t do it right. I worried that I didn’t have good team to do it. I worried if I got the wrong speakers. I worried I didn’t have enough money. I basically worried about almost everything.

In the same time, I was super duper busy in my office because of the party season. Every week we had to hand in 50 to 80 something dresses. It was so tiring. I also cried to God for more capacity in my brain to be able to handle my business and the ministry equally. But God is good. He’s faithful. He’s always with me through the hardest time. He led me one by one, step by step.he gave me perfect team. He gave me dream for instructions what to pray for. He gave me friends who prayed for me and for the events. He introduced me to wonderful people to work with.

As the days went by, I felt more and more His companion in my life and even in my tiniest activities. For example last July before the “Hari Raya”, my partner said we couldn’t have salaries because we had to give away lots of money for “THR” (in Indonesia, employees get double salaries during Hari Raya Idul Fitri) So,I thought I couldn’t do much of anything because I had no money (I’m not the kind of person who will ask for extra from my husband, because I believe God’s never late in providing me what I need.) At that time, my credit card bill came, also I found out my brother in Christ had an urgent need. I told Jesus,“ Lord, my credit card is due in a week, and I found out my friend is in needs, if it’s my portion to help, then You’re going to give me the money.” That’s all I said to Him. The due date came, I intentionally checked my balance in the bank. Then I found out I had the money for everthing I mentioned to Jesus. In that very morning there was also a charity day in my church to donate basic food supplies in one of the poorest district in Surabaya, and I already had the money to participate in it. Hallelujah!

From there, God made me understand even more if it’s God’s project, of course He’s the one who pays all the bills. My faith is rising up everyday knowing Him as perfect God and I’m so proud to be part of His works.

Praise God, the kids prayer concert and the women crusade were successful. God touched their hearts. Their spirits are refreshed and their motivated to serve God even more. All the testimonies through some of the lady prayer warriors were awesome and strengthen them.

Thanks to :
Kids Prayer Networks ( Jaringan Doa Anak) who contributes the materials for the Kids Prayer Concert.
Rev. Fiba Affan (Jakarta), Rev. DR. Ambrose John (Malaysia), Pdt. Hesty Lumintang as main speakers.
Ibu Linda, , Ibu Shirly America (Holland), Ibu Sally Paduli, Ibu Carrollien Widiawati ( there’s her notes in my older post), and Ibu Henny for their testimonies.
Ferary Gunawan as translator and being a faithful intercessor for this two events.
All the intercessors and all the workers who work whole-heartedly.
Ibu Emmy Leyder who’s more than my right hand to make all things possible even she’s not in a perfect health during the whole preparation.

Most of all, I greatly thank God for giving me the privilege to be part of His Kingdom and bringing me from His glory to another glory. Amen.


Feyloon Chinese Restaurant, Bali

Every time we go to Bali, Chinese food is never on my own lists because I always want to try more of Balinese, European, Middle Eastern and Western food since it’s hard to find the authentic ones in Surabaya. But, my David is different. Even he’s very adventurous in food, he always wants to have once or twice of Chinese food during holiday. Well, the last day in Bali, we finally have Chinese food at Feyloon Restaurant. It turned out to be different than other Chinese food I had before. They’re served simple but delicious. If you see the pictures it may look ordinary. But in fact,they taste so good. Actually, they have lots of other delicious food, but we don’t order shell fish. My family avoid shell fish due to allergic reason and cholesterol. Too bad huh :)

Grilles Eggplant with Salt

Sauteed Vegetables with Garlic

Minced Beef Seaweed Soup

Deep Fried Pork Rib “JIng Tu”

Stewed Fresh-Water Turtle

Steamed Loofah with stock Fish Superior

Fried Sticky Rice with Chicken and Dried Scallop

Steam Fish

My Favourite Hotel in Bali

Grand Hyatt Hotel at Nusa Dua is one of my favorite hotel in Bali. It’s huge, beautiful garden and swimming pool, kids friendly and the most important thing is affordable. Every corner at the lobby is nice to just sit and hang around with a beautiful view. It has a private beach, large swimming pool and slide for the children. The hotel breakfast buffet has lots of varieties and most of them taste good. Hmmmmm…… Telling you about this hotel only already make me feel wanna go back there again. Hahahahhahahah. I imagine sitting around the pool, reading, eating and drinking. So relaxing.

Our witness from within by Jon Walker

“The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, ‘Abba, Father.’ The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.” Romans 8:15–16 (NIV)

Consider this:

You are sitting in a restaurant and the atmosphere is quiet until an older man gets a bit cantankerous and his loud conversation lets negativity creep into the dining room.

But just then, Mrs. Jones and some of her friends are seated. They’re in a festive mood, laughing and hugging and even cheerfully greeting diners around their table.

It’s a party, and everyone’s invited! Their joy spills and splashes across the room, and even the cantankerous old man is now smiling and laughing.

Their energy has just changed the entire atmosphere, and it leaves you longing to be part of their group.

Mrs. Jones is a snapshot of us when we let the perfect love of God drive the fear from our lives (1 John 4:18). We live in love, which means we live in God, and God’s love is complete because he lives in us (1 John 4:16).

God’s Spirit in us testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children (Romans 8:15–16). And the joy of Jesus working within us bubbles out as an unforced testimony of God’s life in us.

Our objective-in-Jesus is to embrace God’s grace until the love and joy we experience is infectious, spreading to those around us, creating a longing within them to join our family — the family of God.