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Embroidery Cotton Top

Today is Sunday, when I dress up to go to church. My favourite day where I can have my day off and worship the Lord. Taking a rest from all the hectic schedules and pressure from the works. This is when I can have my total joy to celebrate God’s goodness and mercy poured out in my life. He’s been generous to me with His favour. What I do is very hard in the way I have to make my customers satisfied every time I design and finish the dress. I have to pay attention to every tiny winy detail in every dresses since I do lots of couture dresses ( you can see them if you add my facebook : ) There are lots of handworks, embroideries, handmade flowers etc. So, I really need God’s favour to give me more wisdom to handle all those things. Also, someone like me has to adjust with different customers with different characters. I can only pray everyday to Jesus, so I can give my love and good services to all my customers. Pray,pray,pray.

This blouse is scalloped embroideried at the edge of every layers that lay on the shoulder and upper chest area.

At the moment this bag is my favourite cos it has top handle and wide shoulder strap in the same time, it’s very handy to me. About the booties, with this not so high heel, I can wear them all day even during my weekdays. Campers shoes are mostly comfortable.

Blouse: Nancy Warren (my own collestion), Jeans: Gap, Belt: Dolce Donna (Takashimaya,Singapore), Bag: Prada, Shoes: Campers.

Traditional Fabric-Batik

This traditional Batik is actually a scarf. Usually Batik comes in brownish/ natural colours. But I love this particular one because it’s black and white which looks more modern to me. I can wear it in different ways as you can see them below. So I put 2 straight holes (using buttonholes stitch) like I mark on the scarf pictures lined on the floor. You’ll see I put it on in many ways. You can use this ideas to any scarf/ fabric too. I hope it’s useful for you.

In above picture, I just simply put it on as scarf with clogs so it looks very more modern and doesn’t look like traditonal at all.

In this picture, I slip my arms into the holes so it’s like a long loose blazer.

I can also tie in the middle part on my tummy area and it looks more feminine plus more mature.

Personally,I like this one more than the other looks because of the slimmer look with the belt.

This time, I pull all the fabric to my shoulder over the belted tank top. Just for another idea.

The first two looks I wear clogs to have more casual looks, but the ones I wear my Dior stiletto to look more formal.

Blouse/scarf: traditional Batik. Tank top:Zara. Jeans:Zara. Belt: Raoul. Clutch:Banana Republic. Clogs: Sportsgirl Australia. Stiletto: Christian Dior.

Tuxedo Dress

Two wedding parties in two days in a row. Since I have so many dresses due this week, my stitchers finished my dresses just before the wedding started. Gosh….
I purposely made them separately the top and the skirt,so I can manage two different stitchers to do them since I don’t have plenty of time. It’s been crazy working as fast as we can to hand in so many dresses all at once.
This time I feel like wearing something covers almost all parts of my body. Cos usually I wear things open on the top like bustiers,one shoulder,low neck or halter neck. It’s my first time I myself wear a stocking tight fitting tulle covers my upper body. It’s a bit difficult to put on,since my husband is the one who buttoned all the way down from the back neck to the waist. Thank him, he never complains helping me up to dress up :) For the skirt, I chose black full circular chiffon skirt. Black & white is my favourite combination. Just to add more color I add Banana Republic clutch,presents from my beloved friends.

The wedding was beautiful. Even the food is better than most other weddings. I wish I brought my camera to take picture the decoration. The mother of the bride is one of my favourite customer. She’s a very nice lady with golden heart. She’s the type of person who’s serving God with her love,time, and wealth. She trains lots of women in MotherWise classes even to the small villages and sponsors thousands of books and facilities for the trainers too. Amazing! Even all my staffs respect her so much,because she’s very humble and nice to them too. I think when we show respect and always be nice to the others, people will treat us also the same thing. Remember! What we sow is what we reap. I wish I can upload her picture with my design here. But I already ask her to email me her picture when it’s finished from the photographer.
Well, I’m happy for this event also because she told me lots of people gave compliments for her dress I design. It’s my personal satisfaction. Happy,happy,happy!


Ivory Midi

Wow,when I write this,I just realize this is my first time writing for a blog. I hope everyone likes the way I write things. I wear this outfit to my customer’s wedding whose I designed dresses for the whole family. I designed this blouse by myself, and matched it with my old Vivienne Westwood skirt. Luckily, I have this latest pair of mine,Sam Edelman.
I feel comfortable wearing this heel even they’re very high. They’re just the right angles so my foot don’t tilt that much. I’ve been searching for a pair of sling back high heel that doesn’t torture me. Also,they makes my legs longer,cos the midi skirt already cut my legs. YYippy!